Officially a Business!

Just stepping in to introduce myself, my name is Parker and I’m the owner of Van’s Pressure Works, LLC in North Carolina. I’m a active duty service member as well, so this will be my part time job. My little brother is moving down from Michigan and is going to help with the cleaning part of the business and my wife is running all daily operations, scheduling, book-keeping, quoting etc. I have 8 more years until I retire and our goal is to build our business, so when I’m done with the military, we can have this as another source of income and I can work for myself. We don’t plan on doing much to start off. My brother will work a couple jobs on the weekday and I’ll do a couple on the weekend.

So there it is, just a quick rundown, I’ve been scoping out this forum out and I’m convinced that it will help me along the way as I start this new career path. Thank you all and I look forward to “meeting” you.

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Welcome to this community! It’s an amazing resource of various perspectives.

Will you be window cleaning and pressure washing?

Army? …or one of the ‘others’ :nerd_face:


As of right now I’m just doing pressure washing and I’m in the Army

windows will come next once I get my feet under me and get some jobs under the belt. I really enjoy doing driveways and walkways right now

Not sure if you’re aware , but this forum has a sister partner for power washing . You might want to check it out

I’m on that one as well, I appreciate sending the link as well!

It’s much more friendly here, that power wash forum will never be a place I post. Filled with bleach brain bonehead dicks