HI I would like to take a moment to introduce myself to the group. My name is Barry Hauer from Alaska. I am a window cleaner by trade but I like to spend my free time moderating. I am here to contribute, learn and keep all conversations on track. My hobbies include shopping, ice fishing, rollerblading, ball room dancing, and nitrous bunjee jumping.

Ugh welcome to the group Barry. Is this like the fake Steve Jobs?

Are you mocking Gary Mauer? (the most obvious question)

remember Chris and Alex are the only moderators here, and they don’t do a lot of that (thank goodness)

Anyway, it’s nice to have someone with a good sense of humour.



Hi Harry,
this has gotta be a wind-up, ballroom dancing has been banned in Alaska since the '70s. Which size angstrom filter do you use for moderating?

may I ask what nitrous bungee jumping is???

oh sorry, too many question marks.

Larry, Get him!

'ello Barry!

“Did you say hello?”
“No, I said 'ello, but that’s close enough”

Anyone who can ice fish is good in my book.


not in good taste…

Totally agreed… But I am willing to see where this goes… Not that far though because we dont no for sure whats really happening here…

Mine? I will gladly delete any post that creates an uncomfortable environment.

Hey Barry!! Do you like picnics??