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Looking for a trainer…for me. :] I have an opportunity to gain a few steady accounts nothing out of this world, about one day aweek. Little extra income to cover “extra” money needed to for special needs child. Trying to keep her in cognitive therapy that’s not covered. It’s been effective so far! Willing to pay for time and if you’re closing enough willing to be a back up if every needed. So I’m not looking to create a whole business, just want to offer quality work to my few potential customers. Thanks for any input or quidance…

What area?

In the meantime, check out these quality channels. These types of videos did not exist even a few years ago.


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Cuyahoga - Westside of Cleveland

Sorry we are over in Northwest Ohio. I am sure there are some Cleveland area Window Cleaners here, though.

Hello. Suggestion. Get a squeegee and some towels. Wet a towel and wipe the glass. Squeegee it off. Repeat 10 times. Wipe edges of glass using finger in towel, then squeegee. Save your precious time and money. After some practice, go and do the other windows. You can also use dish soap in the water. Practice, practice. Then go do it and get paid for it. Oh…and watch the tons of great vids. Just google how to clean windows. Then put what you see into practice. Then maybe consider buying some equipment. But don’t spend a fortune now. Buy a squeegee, learn how to use it. Pull straight down, overlap strokes by an inch. Wipe dripped water when needed. Now go have some family time and chill. Let us know how it goes, these folks are world class money making machines. Just start small here.

All responses appreciated! I have purchased some base equipment. Practice Practice …and practice some more. Got it :wink: Didn’t mean to come across a simpletin lol but my style of learn is w/instruction hands on. - I will use the resources at my finger tips…including you guys - here goes a new venture.

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You can do this. Practice small and make an OCD gig out of it. Have patience with yourself and enjoy the cleaning aspect of it. See what it takes to make a perfect window out of it. The brain will click with what is needed, but you have to pay attention to detail. My wife and I saw a shop today that does their own windows. Big ol’ swirly wipe marks and a foggy looking window. You start using a squeegee and that’s half the difference. The other half is getting the corners and sides perfect. That’s where the learning and practice come in. I would start working on the places you have lined up. Use 0000# steel wool and wash the window by hand with soapy Dawn and water. Then wash and squeegee the window twice after that. It will look amazing. Get paid, you are a pro. You can do this. Proud of you for making it happen. Oh, and by the way, I will be calling on the shop.

I understand what you mean. If I were you I’d call some outfits in the next city over where you won’t be bumping heads and ask if you can help for the day.