Ok.......now what?

I’ve been reading and researching like crazy over the last few days since joining. I must say, this is one of the BEST layed out forums I’ve been a part of!

Here’s what I’ve got for my WFP setup…

[]I will be using my detailing water tank and my roof cleaning set up (Delavan pump and 3/8 hose) to handle my water.
]I will be making my own pole for now out of an Unger 30 footer and Vikan brush.
[B]What do I need to to do for DI water? Just a tank? How big? Not to many high rises here…mostly personal homes and some business fronts.[/B]

Thanks again!

You need to go to culligan and rent a 1 cube di tank.

I really dont kow what you are talking about when you say “using your roof cleaning pump and tank” That will not work.You dont need a pump or a water tank. just run a water hose to the di tank and a hose from the di tank to your pole. turn the water faucut on that that it. Its that easy.

My roof set up is a 12V pump. A lot of homes and businesses do not have water available. I was just gonna pump water through the DI tank and out to the brush.

No water on the property desnt happen often. I had one house this year and it was because they were putting in a fire hydrant and we just came back in two hours. My worry about you using the same pump and tank you use for roof cleaning that it will have some “LOVE” left in it. Just a little will cause i big problem.

I have a two unit strip center with 106, 3 piece floor to ceiling glass panels across the front. No exterior water anywhere around the building. It is extremely busy, parking is really at a premium and has to be done at night when the stores are closed. I bring the pressure cleaning trailer with the water tank, generator and spotlights. It is a PIA, doesn’t pay very well, but the owner’s home is a $225.00 job done quarterly

I was going to pressure wash a porce a couple months ago and she DID NOT have any spigot outside. Old house, of course.
Justin, if you are going to use a pump you want to make sure you regulate the psi going into the di tank. Too high and it will waste resin.

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If you are planning on filling that holding tank with tap water and forcing it through the DI tank, I wouldn’t.

Main reason is that your pump is going to want to cycle on and off. The pressure will build in the DI tank, turning your pump off and on quickly. This will greatly affect your flow at the pole.

You are better off with a designated tank that you fill with water that you put through your DI tank and then pump that water up to the pole. I would have a designated pump as well. Problems with residue from cleaning solutions in that pump can wreak havoc on your results.

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2 funny Dan. Good one bud

This makes a lot more sense. I have a 60 gallon tank sitting around plus I know where I can get 100 feet of air hose for 50.00. From what I’m reading, a small pump will do just fine…about 60.00 instead of 175.00 for one like my roof unit.

How many hours/windows can you get out of 60 gallons of DI? And, it there a lifespan for it in the tank?

Approximately 1 - 2 hours work time.

The water should be fine in the tank for a day or so.

That’s it? I assumed pure water would last forever if sealed… what happens to it?

I actually thought of that AFTER I typed it. How could it go bad if it’s sealed in my tank?

If the tank wasn’t sanitized the bacteria can build and eventually cause the TDS to rise. It may take more than a few days depending on the tank. Clear or slightly opaque tanks can allow sunlight thru which will cause bacterial growth faster than a tank that is a darker color.


Makes total sense. Didn’t think of bacteria.

I’m not sure what others experience is but I have my RO and DI system at home filling a holder tank. Sometimes the water may sit in there for months if I’m on holiday and I’ve never had an issue with rising TDS despite the tank being opaque.
Next There are so many reasons I take my own water with me. However first ask yourself this. Is this a hobby or do I want to earn good $$? Think big!! Time is $ and if you want to make $2 to $4 a minute you can’t spend to many of them looking for, running and connecting hoses for supply. This is not so important on a full day job but hose length is. There’s not much you can’t get around with 200M of hose. You can do large multi story buildings or you could do a heap of small shops without moving the unit. I even cross the street so it’s strong enough to have a truck drive over it without a problem. Consider this, 10 shops at around $40 and 10 minutes each with one move. How long would that take if you needed to set up at each job? All my shop fronts get done on the same day so I may start at 6 am and be home at 8am to see my boys of to school. Having done that you can decide to go and do some more work, go surfing or what ever dose it for you.