OK, This might be too much to handle

I really don’t think you can take any more awesome.
Maybe we should rethink this- for the children’s sake…

This event is going to be serious.

Bourban Street + Kevin + Curt + Thad + AC + Don Phelps + Charley = Much Awesome!

Much Awesome+ Chris + Alex + Katester + Jason + Coop’s Place + Yo Mama’s Place= Insane Awesome!

Will there be beer?

Not at the event but I heard there was a place nearby that you could get some.

You make it sound sooooo good it makes me sad I can’t go. Next year…

Yeah I’m pleased that I can finally come, and teach a class, too.

(More details to follow soon)

i’ve gotta get my kids to plan their children’s births a little better. i can’t believe they didn’t take my potential schedule into consideration when they decided to… well… you know…

Thats stinks your not going to make it Brian, but hey at least you won that Unger Ninja Squeegee :slight_smile:

Oh I just saw Sam Mezzells and Kyle Ballwegs name on the list to awesome!

dang it. Y’all are gonna have me signed up to go in like 5 minutes at this rate.

I’m going to have to turn off registration in about 5 minutes at this rate. It looks like I have 3 seats left.

Chris Lambrinides- Use the Force to Increase Sales
Charlie Laurie- Are You Making Money or Just Making a Living?
Jason Evers- The Power of Networking
Charly Caldwell Jr.- Creating Business NOW Using Social Media
AC Lockyer- Branding Your Business Affordably
5 Mistakes That Will KILL Your Small Business
Kevin Dubrosky- Are You ‘Marketing Arrogant’?
Curt Kempton- Roadmap to Success: Implement Systems to Maximize Profits
Daryl Mirza- Buying Other Companies and Selling Your Company

This will be epic. I can’t wait to get there. Thanks for all the hard work setting this up, Thad.