Okay to lean ladder on window sill

Have you ever had one of those days where you question yourself about something?? Well today that happened to me, I have left the extention ladders at home and only brought a 6ft. step ladder and 22 ft little giant. In doing my bid, I thought I could use the little giant as a 12 ft step ladder and do these windows. Long story short ( I am short). I can only reach the inner section of the arch Over the years and a few pounds heavier I started to second guess myself about leaning the ladder on the window sill just above the exit sign. So do you think this safe? Or use a wagtail, pro curve adapter Thanks for your feed back.

I think you’ll be fine.

I don’t think I would lean on there myself. There is a chance your weight could flex the frame and the glass could break. Not worth the risk in my book.

You don’t own sectional ladders? Their pretty much all I have ever used. Can’t live without them. I only use an ext ladder on real high glass like 3rd floor and above.

If no other choice I vote you pole them.

We regularly clean windows like that with a extension ladder. Obviously, we have either a stand off or mitts at the top of the ladder and our pivot tool at the bottom(for the tile). It’s not going anywhere. As for the frames, most of your weight should be on the ladder and those frames are extremely sturdy in most cases.

Same method. Never had a problem. I weigh 240.

Thanks for the input, I left the extension ladders at home. The little giant extended is about a foot short.

I disagree.

How do you use your Pivit Tool on a flat surface? Do you mean Ladder Stopper?

Ive done it on exterior windows, we usually send up the lightest “guy” tho…ME.

i would be very wary of that tile floor (after i had a ladder slip on tiles,when using a rubber laddermat ) . i would get my helper to foot the ladder,the toes of his feet would be touching the bottom of the ladder ends,his feet flat on the tiles.soft rubber sole shoes i insist he wears at all times . i asked around old-timers and thats the only safe way to foot a ladder

I’ve done jobs like this. I used a combination of A-frame ladder (10 ft works well) and pole. I made sure that the ladder was far enough away from the windows, used a 9 foot pole with an unger swivel lock. I don’t mind standing on an A-frame while using a pole. The swivel lock works great on the half circle windows.

That looks really easy for a pole job. I say save yourself and use a pole.

Amy Yetter

just be careful! this is the type window I was doing when the ladder came out from me…I was about fifteen up!