Olde castle, do they have a good reputation?

Does old castle have a good reputation for not having fabrication debris?

very bad quality, even a strip washer will scratch that glass…

In my opinion Old Castle is the worst temperer out there hands down! I did some interior french doors the other day that had fab debris so big I could see it from 2 feet. That might meet the ASTM standard but I’d say it’s defective at that point.

They are the worst i have experienced.

In my final days of ccu work…i saw lots of this glass…and walked.

I could not do scratch repair on OC glass without further damage occurring.

old castle huh? crappy glass. crappy beer.

New castle beer

old castle glass.

the beer is good though…but we do get waiver signed before drinking.

I used to work for a glass shop installing shower enclosures and other stuff.
Couple of days week we had to stop by at Old Castle’s warehouse to pick up stuff that was supposed to be delivered to our shop and they never did, or 2 or 3 times to pick up the same order for the same customer because they screwed up the cuts, and list goes on.
What I mean with this, and having no experience in CCU with this provider, is that they’re a failure all around, as a company, and they manage to survive because they serve so many industries that they can take a loss on glass I guess.

Diversification my friend !

My buddies old man bought a pretty nice yacht this year and the first thing I noticed when I was on it was the old castle glass. Every door and window was old castle glass. I have heard nothing good about the quality of that stuff.

Alex, you look soo pretty in your picture…

Yeah you do. But where’s your girlfriend?:smiley:

How was the quality of the glass on the yacht?

I have cleaned 2 houses this year that I noticed had Old Castle glass. On both of the homes the glass seemed as smooth as butter. Not to say they didn’t have any fab debris, but I didn’t notice any.

Awww shucks fellas… No gf that day. I think Seth’s picture is much cooler

I didn’t even look too close. I just ran around and looked at the stamp on the windows. I want no part of that junk.

Junk??? I thought it was a yacht??:smiley: Sorry I couldn’t resist.