So I tried the Unger On/Off doohickie for my Tucker CF35.
Just don’t like it; it doesn’t work well for me. $50 down the drain.
So I ordered an On/Off, plus hose connectors, and configured my own - works great. (Had to caulk at the connector ends to stop leaking though).
I have enough hose coiled held with velcro for when I extend the pole, or leave coiled if I am using the pole at a shorter length. Right at easy reach and not in my way, and WORKS.
Well, others may have no issues with the Unger, but I like this way better. What do you think?


I like it, how long have you been using it? Are you using zip ties to hold it in place? Any issues with it shifting position (would hate to have metal rubbing on pole)?

I just hooked it up today and tested it. Yes, zip ties hold it, the rubber garage sweep (gasket that goes bottom side of garage door) protects the pole.

I would like to know how it does with some field testing. I like the idea of the sweep, just wondering if the valve may shift off it. Good job on it, I may be stealing your design…

Yea, I tried bumping it and fidgeting with it to see if would wobble loose. The compression on the rubber keeps it in place. After a day or so of on the job use we’ll see how well it does, but seems solid.

It seems like it would interfere with the general use of the pole, I know I sure don’t want a potential snag point where I may injure myself on a brass tap thing especially with wet hands.
I’d personally just kink the hose.

No more so than the Unger On/Off which always slides out of position and you never know where it will be next. This is stationary and muscle memory keeps it a non issue. One flick and it is automatically on or off as opposed to grabbing, kinking, and holding.

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I really don’t understand this reasoning
Depending on size and location of the window you not going to be holding the same part of the pole, the pole will or at least should be sliding up and down as you agitate the glass.

If it works for you. Great.
Personally I would not have a tap like that on any part of my poles.
I’d rather use something like this but not in the body of the pole it would be at the top of bottom where it would not interfere with the regular operation.

I understand what you are saying. Muscle memory being you don’t have to look to know right where it is at. The area that my hands are is not the same area that the on/off is, so it works for me, but I see your setup working well also, although it has to be in an area nearby to pinch and tuck in the device - so 6 of one; half dozen of the other.

But. Muscle memory takes up to 5 years, didn’t you buy your WFP last year and said you are in a area with high TDS so only use it when you need to?

How have you developed a muscle memory for a pole you have had for less than a year that you use infrequently?

Have you always had a tap installed in that location?

If you have been window cleaning for a significant amount of time and using regular pole you certainly would have a muscle memory for pole work that would be quite engrained. To vary that memory to now have a specific spacing to not collide with the tap would require re training, which would be difficult unless you have always had some sort of obstruction in the middle of every pole you have used.

I don’t use anything as a tap other than the base of the pole, kink the hose shove the kink in the end of the pole… done.

I call BS. Muscle memory does not take 5 years. I understand if you are saying it takes you 5 years. I picked up muscle memory and foot placement with my clip in pedals on my mountain bike and road bike in about 2 weeks, became quite efficient with it in a couple of months and even was able to race - not 5 years. I can figure out where to put my hands on a water fed pole and not interfere with an attachment in way, way, way less than 5 years. It appears this is an argument building so I will bow out of this you, Steve.


Same here

I was just repeating the information I got when I googled muscle memory.
no matter what I write it seems like I am arguing, so I will let it be and be done. I am happy that this works for “you”…

Garry, just curious, is connection a barb or threaded? Could you use Teflon tape or worm clamp? I like your idea, their your hands. Can you get a credit/return for the Unger part, or is it damaged?

Doubt there would be a refund. I may be able to find use for it.
Here’s the on/off I got.

You could Also use these quick connects one at the end of your lead hose the other at the end of your hose that’s on your reel.