One all around towel

Besides surgical towels has anyone found a great all around towel for window cleaning?

It may seem like a simple thing to create a thread over but I am always trying to simplify things. The less parts tonkeep track of the simpler it is and more efficient the operation and the more money In male with less effort and I’m all about that along with quality of life which means less time working.

I generally use a detail towel and slop towel. I would love to have jist one all around towel for both and jist buy a ton and simplify it.

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no matter what towel i always use 2. i wipe the bottom first where most of the dirty water is with a micro fibre then all the way round with a scrim.

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Yes I do the same. I don’t mean using one towel for everything but only one type of towels. So I would use two towels of the same type. One to wipe one to detail.

The issue is I use different types of towels to wipe than I do to detail. I want one type of towel for both.

Personally I carry 3 different towels, I carry 1 blue huck towel 1 orange microfiber waffle weave, and a scrim. each has a different purpose, the huck is cheap and I have the most of those so these are using to wipe frames, and to pick up dirty water from the sills, the micro fiber is used to remove any water remaining on the glass generally at the close out point or around double hung locks, then the scrim is used if there are any errors on the glass.

I don’t beleive I could do it all with 1 type of towel, well I probably could but the results woould be lacking imo

Hense the challenge. If you find the right towel I feel it would make things simpler over all. I currently use large thick hucks for detailing when needed and a Terry clothnhand towel for wiping sills.

With commercial I generally don’t use any towels. I carry two towels on occasion depending on the job just in case but rarely use them. If all I did was commercial I would only carry a sponge and a leather chamois.

For me towels are for residential.

I’m shocked at how much people like these. Pricey but we can barely keep them in stock XERO Fish Scale Towel | Microfiber Cloths | WCR –


I use the dark green hucks from your man in Richardson. They are great fir detailing when dry and quite absorbent for mop up duty. They handle the wash very well so they can get pretty dirty and still get a good clean.


I use yellow microfiber towels from Costco for sills, frames, floors, tracks. They are awesome towels, super absorbent and very durable. But they suck for detailing except when perfectly dry. For detailing I use scrims. Used hucks for 15 years till I discovered scrims. Although they would do a good job as a mop-up towel, I would never use a $15 towel for mopping up.

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I just get the hand towels at Costco, been doing that for years. They changed them up this season though, not too happy with the new ones.


Im considering those but yah the price lol. Ouch. It better pick up Niagra Falls for that price!

I’m considering scrim. I have one. I just dont like the size. I may have it cut in half and sewn. Im afraid it might not do well as a slop towel at a smaller size but worth a try.

I get that guys like them bigger as it helpa it to dry out while you ise a different spot but I like mt towels to take up very little real estate because on a lot of jobs I only have them on me jist in case I need them but rarely use them.

The large thicker hucks cant be beat for detailing but don’t last long as a slop towel.

I hate ro give up hucks dor detailing but if I can find the right towel it will hopefully be worth it.

The towels I am considering so far are

1.Microfiber waffle weave
2. Fish scale micro fiber
3. Scrim

I bought a couple fish scale towels at the end of last season so I’ve only used them a handful of times. They seem to be more absorbent than any towel I’ve ever used. I can’t wait for the season to start again! I’m pretty sure they will be my main detailing towel.

I’ve been using blue huck towels for slop/sill rags amd scrim for detailing.

Cotton bath towels for 3 dollars each at walmart. For frames and floors doing store front. Plus, if you are just getting going with one it edges better than anything else.

Little known fact, microfiber holds 7 times its weight in water. Cotton blows its doors off, holds 27 times its weight.


If you want bath towels, go to your local industrial laundry company , I get 5 thick hotel quality large bath towels for $10, I only use them to place in front of the window I am working to rest the window on when I have to take it out.

This towel is amazing! Been using hucks for years and tried the scrim but the fish scale towel is hands down the best towel I’ve used!
Worth every penny IMHO

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I cut all my scrims in half


are they still god at picking uo a lot of water when they are smaller? Would it still make a good slop towel being smaller?

They seem a little big. How has it been dealing with the size compared to huck towels? Do yo use them for slop pick up or detailing?