One of my fall fliers

Can anyone guess what the return was on this flier?

Click here to download

Is it 5%???

lower…keep guessing lol

.5%? lol

someone said it reminds them of a sears flyer, and then when i looked at it, thats the first thing i thought too, but thats not always a bad thing, text-wise i think it has the right elements for the most part, and as usual your flyers are attractive and look professionally done [cause they are…lol]

This flier was based on tips and comments and suggestions from someone on this forum that really likes to stab my other fliers. the response? 0% yes honestly 0% not one call from this flier.

Ouch. How many did you pass out?

I targeted the nicest part of town, up on airport hill, i only passed out 200, so not as much as the spring one. plus while is was printed on quality paper it was not near as nice as my spring flier. I also used the design at grocery stores wit the tear off numbers…not one call even.

I bet if this was your spring flyer the results would be a little different. Here are my thoughts.

[]Spring is a hotter time of the year to sell window cleaning, even the worst flyers will pull in some calls.
]Fall is a tougher sell. Many people who normally hire a wc do so once a year (springtime) and those that actually get them done twice will probably call the same guy who did them in the spring.
[]To pull new customers in the fall you probably have to hit them with a sweet deal.
]Then again, I’m so surprised which flyers get me calls and which don’t.

Mark thats very true, i think i could have put out anything really in the spring, since never in the history of North Bay Ontario Canada had a window cleaner used fliers to sell window cleaning!

Once the competition catches up i’ll need to produce better fliers thats for sure.