One Stop Maintenance?

Has anyone done any work for One Stop Maintenance out of NY? They do Express stores
and some Victoria’s Secrets. They were doing Michael Kors stores but they recently discontinued their service.

We used to do the abercrombie stores for them a few years ago. They are very slow to pay when and if you can get paid. They seem to have a very high employee turnover rate, so noone ever seems to know what is going on when you call. I have chosen to not do any work for them anymore. They just called a week ago trying to get us to do work. NO WAY!!!

veeery slow pay and a pain to deal with.

Let us no how that works out .

Very slow to pay. After calling numerous times and waiting forever to get paid for express stores I ended up contacting the owner for payment. Got his email address online. He seemed embarrassed and paid on my site quickly. Very unorganized though. This was obvious by their email thread that I was copied on. Bad communication. I was sent a check months late for my services that the owner paid me for already. I never cashed it but they obviously would not have noticed. I told them I wouldn’t do anymore jobs for them a long time ago. Wouldn’t recommend it.

I just received my second NSF check from them after my threatening to initiate collection procedures. I plan to begin collections in two days if I don’t receive either a certified check or wire transfer tomorrow. After this I will do work for them again but only after receiving payment in full with the work order.