Open Windows as Part of Standard Service?

A few questions regarding sill cleaning:

  1. How many open all windows to clean/wipe-down sills as part of the standard per-pane window cleaning service?

  2. Or is your standard service of a closed window?

  3. How many of you find that customers do expect / do not expect the windows to be opened and cleaned?

  4. If cleaning sills, what is your wording/explanation of what sill cleaning entails?

Would appreciate your thoughts.

On an inside/outside clean I include windows, tracks, sills, and screens. Exterior only is windows, accessible portion of track faces, sills, and screens if they are on the outside. Charge accordingly.
Customers like that when they open their windows there is no dirt and debris staring them in the face. In/out is an all inclusive clean.

Ditto. I try not to nitpick with customers, they want their windows cleaned and don’t want to see a filthy window sill or screen covered in dust and cobwebs.