Opening documents

I can’t seem to open any of Larry’s documents. Does anyone know where I can go on line for the soft-wear or a decent site before I get sent to 50 different sites from MS “can’t open”, “find on line” duff links?

Yeah the problem is Larry made those in Microsoft office 2007 version. I tried converting them to an older version 2003 but it would not let me. Maybe Larry has a way to convert them for us.

I had the same problem when I swapped to XP, I lost all the old publisher docs I had with '97 version with publisher & MS took all the links away to upgrade. I lost all my receipts, docs for customers etc. Thats why I stick to word now.

Sorry about the newer system I have. Later this evening, I’ll convert them all and send them your way - Adobe pdf. Files :wink:

Ok Larry was kind enough to witch these to PDF’s for us. They are now posted.

Thanks Larry!