[FONT=Tahoma][SIZE=3][SIZE=4][B][COLOR=SeaGreen]Chris’s web2.0 software pick of the week.

[COLOR=Black][SIZE=2]Being the frugal guy I am … my favorite thing about web 2.0 software is that its free. I started using open office a few months age. I originally downloaded it because I wanted something free and it needed to be able to work on files seamlessly between my mac and pc. This ended up doing the trick. I havent ended up using a microsoft document sense I downloaded this… Its all pretty basic stripped down stuff, but it works. I have been getting the most use out of the draw program. Its basically a free light version of photo shop. Im fianlly getting th hang of it. It had a steep learning curve but now that I am dialed in on it… Im working smoothly. Give it a try if you dont want to drop a few hundred for Office 2007, after a little adjusting youll be amazed.

Hi Chris, ive been using open office for about 2 yrs now, since i use only linux, i think for free software its amazing. have you tried Gimp photo editing software?

Hey Eric…

Yeah I downloaded gimp upon your recommendation a while ago. Ive played around with it a bit, unfortunately I haven’t had time to master it. I plan to get deeper into it soon though.

OK Chris I’m in I downloaded it yesterday, it looks really basic (good for me LOL)

I was having trouble with my windows 03 and I have misplaced the original disks to reload it again

So I just wanted to say thanks for that you posted this at the right time for me

Kind regards