Opinion On Yard Sign, Car Magnet, and door hangers?

Hello Again,

Just want to get your opinion on these advertisements, In regards of the Postcard I recently posted, I’ve had some awesome success (for every 1,000 I send out, I’m receiving about 30 Calls), However I would love your opinion on My Car magnet, yard sign, and door hangers!

EDIT: Sorry if i double posted the door hanger, I changed some things about it but this is just the same edit.

Car Magnet:
Door Hanger:

Yard Sign

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Your phone number is a little small on the yard sign

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Jealous, In the future im going to post my previews here and get them evaluated prior to paying. Thankfully it is only a few hundred… lol thanks for the share and look forward to the other opinions


Thanks, When its out in the field, Its pretty good from what I’ve seen so far, but Once I order larger yard signs I will definitely make the number bigger!

No it does look good. Was just saying you want your number to pop. The black and white numbers make it easy to see. I would lose the green color on your bright business name and just go with the blue on blue. But hey, it looks better than mine. I am still stuck on the drawing board with “I am broke and your place is dirty. Call me.”


Be sure to check with your local town hall. I ordered door hangers for five-arounds, then come to find out leaving them around town is against the law here. :weary:

I think the door hangers and yard sign has too small of a logo and phone number.
Letting people know of your services is great but also letting them know who you are and how to contact you is also important. Look for balance.

You should probably look a little deeper into this besides what some one is told to tell people.
The Supreme Court ruled on this long ago, so do a little research and even talk to an attorney who has Knowledge in this area. (Might be $25 - $50 consult fee to learn your rights.)

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Thats true. I didn’t actually read the law for myself. I’ll dig a little deeper

Municipal zoning officials can usually quote zoning regs verbatim. Might want to save yourself time and $ by asking them. Most muni regs are online and searchable too.

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