Opinions on high TDS before purchasing

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Thanks for all the wonderful resources.

Here’s my situation, my city water has a TDS of around 400, which obviously means I’ll need a RO system. But with such a high TDS should I purchase additional hardware and filters to make life easier? I was looking to purchase a Xero system, but maybe there’s a better system for me?

Any suggestions or advice is greatly appreciated. I want to make sure I buy the right system and any additional hardware before I start using it. Thanks!

The xero will work and don’t think you’d need anything else. Our TDS is 700+ and no problems. Plus if you have problems Chris and Alex got your back.

Unless you want to do hotels and then you might want a pump.

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IPC Eagle, if you plan on getting higher than residential add on a pump.

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My TDS ranges from 260-700. Most any system with RO will work fine for you. You may not get as much life out of an RO membrane as the sales reps tell you though. They all told me to expect 3-5 years, but I only get one year out of an RO membrane. That is a little disappointing but not really a big deal. You can replace the membrane for under $300. Be sure to find a system that does not require proprietary filters. Get one that allows you to use off-the-shelf, easily found filters and membranes.

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Thanks Jared and Jhans!

Tony, do you have any suggestions on a system that has off the shelf filters?

The xero does. But I never had to change it an ro. Di about every year, carbon whenever but not ro. The ettore and I think IPC require custom.

IPC not custom filters, buy anywhere.

I save about $100 for ro

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our ipc eagles rodi membranes lasted 8yrs

tds between 500/1200

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Hey Ryan

Good call on getting an RO based system. We have around 400 tds here and you can chew through a DI tank in less than a day on some jobs.

IPC Eagle has made the XERO system for us for the past 6 years. If you mainly do residential you cant go wrong with it. - XERO Pure | Pure Water System | WCR – WindowCleaner.com

Check this link out it gives a full breakdown on all the features. - XERO Pure | Pure Water System | WCR – WindowCleaner.com

The next step up is the full IPC line - https://windowcleaner.com/water-fed-purification/ipc-eagle ) Look at the Hydrocart.

The XERO or the IPC Hydrocart will handle your 400 tds just the same. With the Hydrocart however you can have a built in pump, battery, electric or gas. You can also get them with a really nice hose reel built right in.

The Hydrocart for running 2+ poles on a jobsite. Better suited to commercial work.

The XERO Pure is smaller, lighter and more nimble.

We sell a lot of Hydrocarts but the XEROs move 30 to 1 because of the price.

Let us know if we can help 862-266-0677

Ryan the Xero Pure will work perfect for you. The RO removes 98% of the TDS and will last a long time. You can get it cleaned every few years and it will restore it back to full efficiency. The only other Filter you need is the carbon sediment in front of the RO. Those can be bought locally as it is a standard whole house Filter. Some TDS will dry spot free with RO only but if that does not work for you the final stage Resin Filter will do the job. It’s a refillable cartridge