Was contacted from the local golf course today about doing a business card size ad on their golfers score card. Runs June to June $425.00. I’m not sure about the ROI on it, but it seems to be right there staring at them each time they pull the card up. I usually target my customer base. If it ends up being mostly condo owners then I won’t be happy - if I get a good response rate at all.


In my opinion this depends on how big you are and if you have what I refer to as throw away money. I get contacted about these things every year and I never do them. There is two types of advertising Call to action, the customer sees it and physically calls for a quote. Then there is top of the mind awareness where they will tell you customers might not call when they see it but it’s basically reminder advertisement. Top of the mind awareness advertisement is for companies like Pepsi or whatever that have money to spare. I know I personally as a one-man window washer only do call to action advertisement. I’m not trying to float around in their mind for the day they want their windows cleaned.


I get calls from some agency that works for the clubs in the area looking for me to buy ad space… I always tell them no.

If you spent that $400 on Google ads or flyers/door hangers you would most definitely get a better ROI

People playing golf want to relax, not worry about what’s dirty at home.


Waste of money


This is right along the lines I was thinking. There is no determination of ROI on a sports card or schedule of events type printout. But maybe I was missing something - glad to see I am not. Meanwhile the job today called me because she saw my magnets on my truck while she was driving. I do well with word of mouth, vehicle presence, and door hangers.

Did you get called from the actual Golf course or a company called “BenchCraft”?
Keep in mind that BenchCraft will use wording to make it seem like they are partnered with “XYZ course”

If it’s BenchCraft, do some google searches on them and then be glad you just avoided a $400 headache.

I don’t know if it was benchcraft, some guy working on a project for the golf course. $425 seems like it could be better spent elsewhere.

It smells of BenchCraft.


Their next move is getting the “manager” involved, and he will sweeten the deal by lowering the price or adding more months to the contract term. I strongly, strongly encourage you to press him for the answer to: “what is the name of your actual company?” And if he cannot meet you in person at that golf course, don’t do it.

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I get those calls about twice a year. It’s always no for me because I really do not think people are in the frame of mind, in the middle of a round of golf, to go “well by golly, looky here, an ad for window cleaning”.


I get about a dozen calls from the same Florida number every single year trying to sell me ad space for every golf club in Northern NJ.

The answer is, and always will be, no.

I don’t even advertise at the golf club I actually belong to.

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I NEVER look at the ads on those cards.

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Yea, he just lowered the offer to $395. Told him I’m going to pass. Meanwhile this mornings job paid me more than I asked for.

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Good choice

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