Optimum No Rinse

I am sure some of you here may have heard of this product and maybe a lot of you have not… As some here know, all I have ever done is automotive detailing and full restorations on hot rods, motorcycles, customs, etc (paint and body work, mechanical work, etc). I do a lot of very high end vehicle detailing and use a product on a lot of the vehicles I do called No Rinse. It is a process that cuts a lot of time and materials down on washing a car. Instead of a typical bucket, hose and car wash solution method, it takes about 4 gallons of water and 4 oz of this No Rinse solution to wash an entire car. Depending on your mix ratio we use it to clean glass and mirrors. It has polymers in it which lift the dirt from the surface as to not cause scratching on a dirty vehicle and leaves behind a protective coating that will not attract dirt or dust. 1 gallon of this stuff goes a very long ways when used correctly.

What I was thinking is using it for cleaning windows on houses. It’s great for non distilled water like when using hard tap water. With a car you do one panel at a time. Wash a panel and then dry (no rinsing). It can be used as a instant detailer as well in a spray bottle and will remove bird droppings, bugs, dirt and dust. I am thinking about giving it a shot on residential window cleaning and see how well it does. Has anyone here tried it before or have any reasons as to why I should no use it? Optimum Polymer Technologies is the site to check the stuff out at.

Let me know what you guys think!

First thought? Architectural glass is very different than a car. I know that the “spot-free rinse” offered at car washes only needs to get down to ~040-050 TDS versus our industy’s 000 TDS.

I also don’t want a protective coating if I plan to WFP the windows in the future – it changes the surface tension properties, eh?

The coating does not last long. After a few rain storms it’s gone I believe. I understand car and architectural glass is different but not sure if it makes a difference with the No Rinse. This stuff is not the same as spot-free rinse at car washes either, it’s a much higher quality and is used on boats, planes, homes, etc. I know a lot of the auto detailers on forums use this stuff on the interior windows of their homes and said they love it.

Try it and fill us in w/ the results.
Thanks 4 your time,

I will give it a shot and post my results!