Now that I’ve scared you to death, have any of you ever had OSHA show up at a jobsite? Ever been visited after an on the job injury? After the Denver incident and subsequent accidents I was wondering if they have stepped up on the job checks.

Not once… Im kinda surprised were wrapping up our 7th year in business. I always figured they were right around the corner.

When I was doing construction they were always around on the big commercial jobs. I just wondered if most of us were to small to be worth the stop.

I have never ever seen them at all. Not in this business or any other. Well once in the photography business but someone called on my boss. I think they know that if they come after the little guy, they are would be killing alot of business’s who could not afford to pay the fines and just go out of business. But who knows, it’s a government orginization and we all know that just saying those two words in a sentence, makes no sense. Government are never orginized. lol

I too have never seen them (knock on wood). I am all about doing things the safe way though. I get rid of ladders when they start to show a pretty good amount of wear and tear. To be honest, that’s one of the best things that is appealing to residential versus commercial. They rarely drive through established neighborhoods looking for unsafe workers to fine. They will drive through neighborhoods that are in in the building stages. I have heard of them going on job sites and cutting padlocks off of toolboxes (if the owners werent present to open them) and inspecting extention cords for breaks, cuts or ones that have electrical tape holding them together. I have heard that it could be up to a $10,000 fine if they press it. True story.


I’ve seen the reps cut up an extension cord that had a crack in the insulation. Not just cut the end off mind you but cut it into 1ft sections.:eek:

[COLOR=Blue]One thing we can all be sure of, if someone gets badly hurt or killed on your job, they will have your business under a microscope in a NY second.

We have a company in town that is basically a safety training and OSHA compliance resource. Much like a payroll service except they do all your OSHA/safety stuff for a monthly fee. I think I am going to hire them next Spring.[/COLOR]

Last week I was doing straight drops on a 5 story (hospital) and the security office got about 10 calls in the 3 hours we were on the roof. Calls were due to guys across the street working too close to the roof edge(us cleaning windows). Security knows me and my crew and assurred the callers of the safe work practices we use. But this was not good enough for someone as they called OSHA. So they appeared on the roof surprising us, but found no violations and issued no citations since we implemented the proper safety standards for the site. The calls of concern were probably from people who recently heard of the fatal accident here about the guy who fell through the skylight at IDS Center.

That was the second time Osha visited my site. First was 9 years ago on a good size highrise account and it was the first time we cleaned the complex. Turns out the former window company called on us probably hoping we would be violated and he could get the account back. Again no violations were cited and I still have this account today. It actually assured my contact of our safe work practices

Sometimes I wish they were …

I can’t even figure out what he is thinking here


how did this work out Steve?

We are in the next 2 weeks taking a week long training program to be these guys^ Its actually 2 parts and there is a 2nd week the next month.

So basically by years end we will be OSHA certified trainers. We can then Osha certify our staff or anyone else that attends a series of classes at our office. Im pretty excited about it.

Haven’t done it yet, trying to keep expenses down after moving to a larger facility. Still on the radar though.

So what, you’re going to be selling your services to other companies helping them get in compliance? By the way how’s the no ladder thing working out for you?

Hey Steve

So far its just for our internal use and safety program… But we could do that if we wanted to.

Ladder thing is going good so far. Its nice seeing the guys embrace waterfed technology.