"Other guy charged this"

Went on an estimate today for exterior only cleaning and some film removal or something.

Ladder work would also be needed.

My price came to 200 and she said some other guy… the good ole “the other guy” :grin: .

The other guy gave her a price of 150.

I said you should go with him lol.

150 isn’t a bad price but I wouldn’t do it for less than 200.

What are some good responses to the classic “the other guy” haha. I wonder what some of you guys say when a potential customer brings up the other guy or the other price they got.

Also any of you got some cool stories of how bad you got underbid by someone else who did it for a very low price?

The lady chuckled and was a bit amused by my comment. Looks like it’d be a one time cleaning since the windows just got installed and got some film on them or whatever it’s even called.

Not my ideal customer who I’d be servicing yearly or biyearly anyway.

The classic “I’ll give you a call within an hour to let you know,” It’s been 5 hours.

No crazy stories but a month or so ago I bid a house that should have been about 400 or so dollars. This man lost his mind
“This last guy did it for $125!”
“I’m sorry, I cant do it for less than that.”
"Well that’s just too much ,you busted my budget "
Shook his hand and told him it was nice to meet him.
Theres a company around here that will send employees to neighborhoods and do 99 dollar specials. I dont even pretend to compete with that nonsense

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"What happened to the last guy sir :grin: "

Is he not around anymore? I wonder where he went.

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Yea, I usually say something like “How did you come to call on me? What happened to the other guy”. Often it is “Well, he went out of business”. To which I say “I don’t want to follow in his footsteps, the price is the price.”


My business is still new and not full time. Had a quote last week, 50 panes of glass, mostly casements. Walk out basement so uneven ground. Newer house by the water not that it matters. Quoted $199 Exteriors, lowered from my price per pane i’m trying to dial in. The guy called and said someone he was going to go with someone cheaper. I’m not above working for less money by I don’t want to set the precedent of working for less money or the customer dictating price…


You may have dodged a bullet. If they are new installs you could have had to deal with silicone and other installation debris, unless you exclude that. And that film can be a bear. Make sure to quote those a good deal more, especially if it has been baked on from not being taken off in time.


I told her I won’t be scrapping jack sh** lol

50x4 = $200.

You were going $4 per window for the exterior? I go about $8 for exterior.

But it varies on the job and how easy or difficult it is. $6 per window for me would be on the low end I would say.

$4 per pane, so $8 per double hung. This house had a lot of transom windows over the windows so add another $4. I probably get about 70% of quotes but I find it really hard to lower my price and walk away with a “Good Enough” attitude.

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I’m not sure if you are on the same page, he is charging $4 per side so for a double hung… so in/out would be $16 which from all accounts is at or above the norm, you are talking about charging $24 for a double hung if you follow the scenario. If you can get it , I guess… at what point does price gouging enter the situation.

No $8 outside for both panes.

Double hung outsides only $8, In/out tracks and screens $16 is price gouging?

Once that film bakes onto the glass we won’t even touch it. Nightmare city!


I was referring to the $6 per side charge which would make the cost for a double hung at $24

Oh man I can get 'em.
Did a quote Monday for a huge home directly on the beach. BIG tall windows, cathedral ceilings, extra large sliders, paint on most windows. $3,947,600 home according to Trulia.
I thought the guy was a little weird when I got there - he had some sort of dyed shirt on and Janis Joplin style rose colored round glasses. But hey, rich people - whatever.
I went around and counted 114 windows plus 6 large sliders. (He claims 104 - whatever). Inside and outside job, ladder inside because paint on most windows both in and out.
I quote him $1,572, in and out and I’ll get the paint off too. The little pudgy fella says “Your fucking high”. (I’m thinking - you’re the one in tie-dye shirt and Jansis Joplin glasses - whatever).
He then gives me this story about the “Other Guy” had to go back to Slovenia because he has cancer and since he is still a citizen there he can free healthcare. Whatever.
Then he says “I’ll give you $350 for inside and outside - I’m a business man.” I said “No, no, I cannot and will not do it for that low price, this will be a lot of work and two guys all day to finish; that will be like 14 to 16 man hours”. So now I am bidding him adieu and headed for the door.
His parting words were “I’m letting you know what your competition is charging.” I responded with “That ain’t my competition, you should check Craigslist and roll the dice”.
I told that story to yesterdays customer ($693 job) and even before I finished all of the craziness she started to laugh and said - “I bet he has dirty windows still”. LOL


haha damn

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One thing I’m not seeing here (shittiness of the job or pricing aside) is…

  • "You HOLD onto my card/keep my number/quote.

  • “And I will TRY to hold this price, for you, WHEN you call me back. Thanks for your time.”

  • if these fuckers never call, no love lost, but when they do:slight_smile: (quiet satisfaction)


Nah, you’re high, mister. :joy:


Lmfao :rofl: your a business man you say , Then you should be smart enough to know no businessman will work for $20 an hour , so why are you calling up businesses , and looking for hourly workers ? Stop wasting people’s time you little freak.


And a two man job to boot. What a clown.