Our first print advertising

Here is our first flyer. It’s actually going out as a 4x6 postcard. My wife and I put it together last night. I think we’ll mail them out in April. Feel free to tweak it for your use as long as you don’t live in central ohio. I can email you the full file, just PM me.

100 free from vistaprint.com


Clean and crisp…i can almost smell spring already!

My first impression is lawn care company?

Maybe if window cleaning was bolder?

Just a thought

Appreciated! I expect to learn from this one. It’s our first one.

What’s CFP think?

I don’t know enough about the subject to help… sorry

It’s more of a reminder than an educational comment

I don’t like the “new clients only”.

I don’t have any customers!:smiley: but they don’t know that. I felt like this makes them feel like this is a special offer when in reality everyone qualifies.

I would add about 100 more meaningful words

on a 4x6 card? Do you have any samples I can look at?

Name at the bottom… I LOVE YOU!

Well…I only did that because you told me too:D

Do you think that card will get people to run to the phone as is?

I hope so…we’ll see! Thanks for the suggestions. I’ll think thru them for next time.

First off, a hundred words is nothing. Half of my response above is 100 words

If you have no customers yet, for sure act like you have thousands! (without lying)

You should have seen my first card… I burned it just in case someone broke into my house and posted on a forum for all to giggle at.

I would not worry about this card, but when you decide to mail 1000 of them, think it through.

Thanks CFP!

You must be joking! How about this? I tried to implement some of your suggestions.

Remember this is just my opinion.

The only part I liked is when you mention “superior”… lol

A little to much talk about to many things for me.

The price starting at $75. on the low side for residential especially when you mention high end?

I think that your idea to get lots of words in there is great…but I think it lacks a little clarity overall. Not sure how some of this stuff can help the homeowner directly.

Here’s what I mean: This may be a little better…it’s not perfect, but is more ‘customer-focused’

Hope that helps.

Incidentally, I used the same information that you had, and simply restructed it to focus more on benefits. And as far as colors, I used this photo from your website (only one with YOU fairly visible) as a color palette to blend the card with.

Now print them and wait for the calls.

Great job Paneless.

That’s amazing Kevin! This forum is great. What software did you use to put that together? I know Photoshop isn’t necessarily built for this type of thing but that’s what I’m working with right now.

The price starting at $75. on the low side for residential especially when you mention high end?

The $75 would be a minimum charge for any exterior. Do you not think that’s a good idea to include that type of price structure.

A little to much talk about to many things for me

CFP thought I should add about 100 words to my first one, so I did, but I guess it’s much better structured in the example Paneless(Kevin) gave.

Yup - you got it : Good 'ol [B]Photoshop Elements 5.0 [/B]

the BEST $100 that every single small window cleaning business owner should invest in ASAP.

I taught myself how to use it, just playing with it, and so can ANYBODY on here.

Paneless…im impressed with your photoshop skills, in fact my wife was quite impressed, even though she doesn’t use photoshop for my marketing, she uses a combination of QuarkExpress 6.0, Photoshop, and Adobe Illustrator.

Now only $39.99


Just bought it!

better yet



Guess I’m out $7

Paneless your postcard is very good. Quick question is that the back or the front. If it is the front i might think it wouldnt be very effective due to the fact it is just to much copy. I mean with a postcard you literally get 4 to 5 seconds to attract the homeowners or business owners attention. They do not want to sit down and read a whole bunch of information.

Now if it is the back it would be fine just maybe remove so text and slim the wording up.

But overall very good color matching and layout.


I see the front being mostly vibrant image, some text…

hey kevin i was checking out your coaching website i would like to see the doiser how do i join and how much.