Our most valuable product yet

Meet Ed! So this is Ed… Top All County Window Cleaning Salesman… Well not quite top, but he is pretty damm good. I just pulled a report and he booked*$408,384.11 worth of work for us this year… Seriously…$408,384.11 in 8 … Continue reading →


He looks like a troublemaker.

What sizes does he come in? Is it just Awesome and Super Awesome?

So if I was to hire Ed as a telemarketer. How would I pay him? Commission, salary or both. Surely he does more than just answer the phone right.

Did Ed bring in that much cold calling or just answering calls that came in off of your marketing?

All he does is take in bound calls, or make out bound calls to existing clients if the phones not ringing.

Its close to a 60% Inbound / to / 40% Outbound split… Thats off the top of my head with out pulling a report.