Our new web. site

let me know what you think about our new web. site Thanks


Nice looking site Martin! Clean & too the point…i like it. BTW Thanks for being an IWCA member;)

I really like your website. It is informative and has a smooth design.

Only thing missing is a few testimonials and the AUWC logo, now that you have joined.

I like the clean, simple nature of it.

Looks sharp Bill and Linda!

I agree with kevin. looks fresh and not all cluttered up. I would put a privacy policy on your contact page. Most people want want to make sure that you wont give out their personal info or sell it. You will get more responses that way. I have been told that it is law that you must have it. I havent heard of the internet police cracking down on that yet. Just a suggestion.


The site is clean and right to the point.

The only thing I would say is: Even though you have some great photos on your site, the generic house photo on the front would be better if it showed you (or your peeps) cleaning windows in/on a “typical” home.

I say typical as to the customers you are targeting. The more they can picture themselves getting the service, the better.

I used to have this million dollar mansion on my homepage… problem is 95% of my customers tend to fall into the middle-upper middle class. So they could get turned off as to they may think I cost too much.

Everyone uses a generic stock photo. Be different.

anyway, the site looks good

That is one of our “typical” homes.


but adding a little bit of “this is one of our customers and not a generic photo” is always good.

I don’t think there will be a loss or gain either way… just a suggestion.

We appreciate the suggestion…Thanks!!

Yeah - I agree. Making it obviously one of your clients would be advantageous. Some kind of ownership statement.

Love the FAQ page. The whole site is clean & sharp!