Outside of the Box?

I found this ad, pretty interesting idea-

[B]New Company is now offering Monthly Car Cleaning service plans in the NW Metro area. Our Service Plan includes the following:
Biweekly Touchless Wash
Biweekly Vaccuming of interior carpet/upholstery
Biweekly Armor All Protectant and Finish
Biweekly organization of "loose items"
Monthly Wax/Seasonal protectant
Monthly Shampooing of interior
Monthly Rainex WIndshield cleaning
Monthly Engine compartment pressure wash cleaning
Monthly Wheel and Rim shine
Monthly minor detail and scratch Buffing/repair.

All of these services are provided to you for one small Monthly payment and YOU DON’T EVEN HAVE TO LEAVE THE HOUSE! Imagine not having to worry about cleaning your car in the HOT summer sun or the COLD Winter Wind!

Total Price of services: $89 per month!

We also have add-on services:

Top off the gas tank (current local price of gas plus 10%)
Wiper Blade Replacement
Oil Change (price based on Vehicle Model)

*Plan requires an annual contract [/B]

Companies like that take your money,wash your car once and disappear.

you get what you pay for, sooooo watch out.

interesting response…

Wow…that got me thinking…thanks for posting that. It turns some ideas in my head.

Does anybody do Res. monthly???
I do some Condos Monthly, but does anyone do something like this for Res???

great response!

Something along the lines of:
“Wouldn’t it be nice having clean windows year round and not just spring and fall? Well now you can with our convenient and affordable maintenance plan.”[/I]

2 complete cleans per year along with monthly cleans of your most important windows. House front face-lift?

Still a hard sell in some parts of the world due to seasonal weather. But it gets you thinking.

Yeah, I do (just started). I never would have thought I would get it to work (more so in this economy), but I am on to something.

pm your email and I will send you what I send my customers. Maybe it will work for you too.

no, I won’t share with everyone

Sharing is Caring!

The majority of my customers are on a plan.

Interior and Exterior every 6 months and Exterior Only every 3 months in between.

Each customer gets an all year shine and I work one lead into 4 times a year of income. I pitch with my written estimate. It is on the last page of my proposal package right before I ask for referrals.

I let them know this is only for our more discerning customers. You may not qualify for this plan, it is usually only maintained by the Gallardia crowd.

(tell someone they can’t have it and they will want it even more)

(Gallardia is a local neighborhood where 9,000 square feet is small)