Outside Only of French Pane Pricing

Wanted to know where y’all stand on this. My outside only price is typically 60%-65% of in & out price. I’ve been thinking lately of going to more of a 50/50 split for french panes (using WFP of course). Obviously the insides of frenchies take much longer than outs with the WFP and if I never did an interior french again I’d be a much happier man. I’m thinking that if there’s a bigger difference between the out only and in/out price some customers may opt for the savings and go out only (and save me from cleaning ALL.THOSE.DAMN.PANES.BY.HAND.) What do you think?


The beauty is that you can charge whatever the customer is willing to pay.
Personally, I charge a per pane price outside, per pane price inside + track price once + screen price once if they have them.
In most cases I charge a track price exterior if the design of the window warrants it and I have to clean gunk out. It takes extra time there is a charge for that.
So 50-50 doesn’t really workout, IMO, if charging window-screen-track, since track and screen is a singular element and window in/out is a double element. French panes are a per pane price; per pane exterior + per pane interior if ordered.

Hey, it’s your business. I say go for it :+1:t2:

Report back your results.

Honestly for me…I use the same pricing for french as I do any other window. Per Pane. This usually results in a very high ticket. If I get the job, great I make a nice chunk of change. If I don’t get the job…well then I don’t have to clean french windows that day :joy:

The price is the price. I don’t lower the price dependent on method. I price french pane as if I would do it traditional, that way if something were to happen and I couldn’t use the WFP it isn’t a huge hit.

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Tyically around 80 cents a pane per side for frenchies

That’s why I don’t do inside French windows ,lot of time .