Over 12,000 sq ft home

I recently bid a home with 164 windowpanes, all sizes, inside and outside for $1851. The guy thinks this price is too high. This is a three-story house, most of the outside work can be done with a WFP. There are a handful of panes that are harder to reach. I’m charging between $10-$13 a windowpane for both in/out. Am I way off?

Nope. I bid a house for $2.2k outside only last week.

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Are you in NJ? I was called for something similar and bid $3500. Honestly, I didn’t even want it so we told the guy “this is how much it would be if we were going to do it”.

No, Nevada. He said he found somebody for $1175 inside and outside. I really can’t believe how low some people go. I’ve done this for over 14 years, and it still amazes me. I thought my bid was low.

There will always be someone willing to do it for less. I don’t mind it, per se. Just don’t act surprised when I quote you higher than the other guy who most likely went out of business or scratched up your windows. Remember the $50 thumbtack guy?

Like wiz khalifa said, don’t call my phone with that f**k shit lol

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