Over 500 bucks

ok guys i have a question especially for the Cali guys on here. If you are doing a big fatty house say with tons of frenchies, then the customer wants to add on a gutter clean or a house wash and you know that you can knock it out in a day but you are charging the guy over 500 dollars, do you technically need a contractor license? Or do you get around that by scheduling out for two days? Just wondering, because my handyman buddy posed this question to me and i didnt know what to really say to him.

I have no idea, you might want to ask MR. Craig Aldrich

In California, a contractors license is required for post-construction window cleaning (not for maintenance cleaning) $500 and above.

A contractors license is required for home improvement (construction industry.)

What kind of contractors license do you need to do ccu Larry?

C61 - Limited Specialty Classification / D63 - Construction Clean-up Contractor:

[I]California Code of Regulations
Division 8, Title 16, Article 3. Classification

A construction cleanup contractor cleans up and/or removes from building grounds or structures any debris resultant from any construction project including but not limited to: concrete, dirt, scrap lumber, plaster, drywall, any paint or adhesive products from windows, floors, ceramic tile and bathroom fixtures.[/I]


whoa i had no idea!!! I wonder what the cost are in obtaining that type of license?

Wonder no more (sorta): http://www.cslb.ca.gov/GeneralInformation/Library/Fees.asp

Do you need to take an Exam Larry?

I am thinking of getting a license

Of course.

do you have a License?