Over Gutters

Is there a way of rappelling over gutters without damaging them?

A WFP won’t damage the gutters.


How you gonna repel with that? LOL!!

How much chair work have you done Squiigii-Man…?


Enough I am confident of the equipment I have.

That’s not my question, not asking you about your equipment ! How much is enough ergo how much chair work…? Were you trained by qualified rappellers ? Will you be working by your self on this building ? Are you insured to work over 4 stories doing chair work ? Thank you for answering my questions so I can give you a little bit of an answer !

Question-Man DangeSki

Too bad the stabilizer does not wrap around the gutter. The line could wrap over it. Climb down 3 - 4 foot and hang.

Just climb down the gutters brah! You’ve never seen Spiderman? :slight_smile:


How much chair work have you done …?

Enough. Just trying to get around the gutters…

If you can’t answer my simple question I’m not about to give advice on what to do !


I have answered your simple questions. And if you cant give any advice then I guess you just do not know.

Enough is not a square answer and if you want to think I don’t know, well you got a right to a opinion but I’m not going to advise someone what to do on very technical dangerous work unless I know their experience…That would be very poor advice if I did that ! Not about to jeopardize one unless I know all that they know !


Well next year, I plan on insuring for 10 stories too. Even though I have been in business less than three years unlike your ten. But that’s ok, maybe me and my military buddies can teach ya something sometime. We don’t just rappel in chairs ya know. Ever done a drop on a shoestring bro?

33 years…Not 10 ! So you’ve rappelled in the military … Well that’s not window cleaning chair work, and never having made drops while window cleaning is a different animal then military work or rock climbing or even mountain climbing ! Get experience doing window cleaning chair work before you start making window cleaning chair drops. Meaning, be trained to do window cleaning chair work !


I have packed gutters with 2x4’s before. Looking at your pictures though I wouldn’t recommend doing drops on that building, to much of a hassle. Do you not have a water fed pole?

Giving advise to a inexperienced worker, on a mid rise job is not a good idea Eric ! Even if he has done rappelling in the military, that’s a different animal…


Guess there are no ways around the gutters when rappelling. I will rent a lift. I get paid either way.