I just started getting into the world of window cleaning and I’m overwhelmed by all the different opinions. I understand that this is an art and has to do with preference but I am in the process of starting my own business with my brother (side hustle) and I just want to order some gear to get it going.

I prefer to buy good quality rather than some cheapo one (will buy cheap locally to practice)

How do these look? or should I just buy the excelerator handles with different channels? if so, which channels?

It can definitely be overwhelming, especially with so many choices.
I personally didn’t like the excelerator squegee but the handle with ettore channel modification is great (see steveO YouTube)
LTWC is the best channel for the price, just need a unger ninja handle.
If you need cheap local tools Home Depot Unger products are much nicer than the Lowe’s ettore. But the professional channels you can buy on wcr are totally worth it, love my brass ettore quick release.
Keep it small to start, one 6”, one 10-14”, one 18”+
Also a good belt, BOAB, and surgical towels are critical! Piece it together as opposed to buying a kit!
Good luck!

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Thank you for the reply. Yeah, I’ve been looking at SteveO and Luke.

I literally just started getting into this world, ha - so much to grasp.

I was going to buy the Unger Ninja 40 but they’re sold out. I really just wanna make the order and get started but as mentioned - very overwhelming for me.

would you recommend the Ettore Quick Release Brass for a newb like myself? As mentioned, the price isn’t something I want to factor in - I prefer to buy a few good handles from the start.

When I first started I had a hard time with anything other than ettore. Brass is heavier which I like but when you first get started can be taxing on the wrist.
I also wanted a 40• but since it is back ordered got a 30• which shouldn’t matter too much to get started.
If pricing isn’t an issue than yes get a few different ones to try out. A lot of guys swear by sorbo but I had a hard time getting started with them, LTWC is a good balance. I use a lot of unger products but not their squeegees. Rubber is huge also use either black diamond best for price or Ettore master best overall

And watch all the Steve O / Luke the Window Cleaner videos you will learn so much and save yourself a lot of trouble!


I’ll go over the suggestions tomorrow morning, gonna call it a night. Thanks for the replies, appreciate it

I have been washing windows now for 11 years, and absolutely love Unger’s squeegees. The quick release in the back is a necessity, and it stays sturdy for years. I’ve tried other brands, including Moerman, but they don’t hold up like Unger.

Also, it’s good to get counsel from this forum and YouTube, but ultimately everyone’s unique and you gotta go with what works for you. Just get your feet wet, learn what you like and dislike, and move forward.

I pray the Lord blesses your business’ socks off.

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What tool you use is all preference. I have been using nothing bur Ettore and their product line in my experience is solid! Here is my personal tip, replace that word side hustle with business. If you treat it like a hustle it will show up in your work.

Ron The Window Cleaner