Owner Varga windowcleaning & services Russ Varga

my website @ windowcleaningandservices.com tell me what you think?

I would clean-up your first page: your picture is so small and you have all of that empty space. I would take out the [B]About Us: [/B]You have that box that says Varga & Son (not sure what that means?) Put your name on the this page so people know who you are right away. Something like, Hi I’m Russ Varga . . . and the background of your business.

Your “Cleaning Services” page is good, easy to read.

Get some better looking pictures of cleaning windows (a sunny day, not wearing your power washing gear, and of a really nice house)

What he said ^^^^.

I hope you were looking for honest feedback…

It reminds me of my first website: ugly, incomplete, and outdated. I would recommend rebuilding the entire site on the wordpress platform. You can get really nice looking themes for very reasonable prices. Here’s a site I’m in the process of building right now: SnowyVT.com. I’ve got a ways to go with it, but I really like the theme, and its very easy to setup and edit (and I only payed $5 for it!). You don’t need to know any code to setup a WP site.

thank you for your comments.