Oxidized aluminum screens

I have customers with alum screens that are approx 12-15 yrs old, does scren magic help these or should a profesional window cleaner recomend replacing screen material with fiberglass? Thanks for any suggestions

I believe screen magic only works on fiberglass screens. So i would recommend replacement. Make sure you wear all PPE when working with chems.

Yeah, Jay is right. Screen magic only works good with the regular mesh. Aluminum needs to go.

Aluminum window screens are such a hassle to replace compared to fiberglass.

Yes they are! They are very difficult to handle. I really enjoy getting my fingers stuck and bleeding. I charge at least twice as much for metal. I made up a special jig just to handle aluminum mesh.

You only get 1 chance to stretch and spline aluminum mesh or the piece is ruined, unless you have a smaller frame you can use the screen on.

I will always try to convince my customer to switch to fiber

they both have advantages and disadvantages.
advantages for alum is it’s stronger, less visable, lasts longer.
advantages for fiberglass, it doesn’t dent, easier to wire the frame, and cheaper.

I learned how to wire screen frames with aluminum. so it’s a piece of cake for me to do either. the mastery comes with experience. it’s not something everyone can do for sure.
I can whipp out a new screen patio door in 3 min. I have a table I made for doing this.
it’s 3" styrofoam with 1/16" alum skin on both sides. I cut it to 8’L X 2’ W. I made 2 of these. and set them on a set of sawhorses with 4’ wide 2X6 screwed to the sawhorses.
with this I can adjust for the width. I do them on location. window screens(1/2 screen/1/2 the window) are $15 full length screen in windows and patio doors are $35. that’s how much the glass shops around here charge. fiberglass or alum. doesn’t matter.
CR lawrence is a good place to get screen parts from (corners, springs, hardware, and spline etc)
C.R. Laurence Co., Inc.
I recommend this brand of screen rollers,

you can get phifer wire products at home depot.(the actual screen material)

Go with fiberglass replacements… they’re easy and profitable

I am thinking of getting into screen repair as an add on but like to be able to take care of my cleints on site. Could you send me some pictures of your mobile set up so I can get a better understanding of how it works.