Anyone familiar with this company? promising to put me in top three listing on Google for my area.
I’m skeptical…

Be skeptical that kind of thing can’t be promised.

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If they are the ones that reached out to you its more than likely a scam.


Unless it’s Google itself, I wouldn’t trust them. Shady seo tactics can actually get you in trouble with Google these days. Not implying that you’re looking for shady tactics. These companies however may work aggressively to deliver.

Google doesn’t telemarket, offer web design services or SEO.

A lot of shady companies call and SAY they’re Google, but theyre not.

They call themselves a Google Affiliate…

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That doesn’t really mean anything.

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yes that is what they all say. as said above if they approached you they are almost certainly bogus.

These companies are such a joke. If we all pay them, will we all be on the top on Google? These guys are almost as crooked as HomeAdvisor.