Painted Signs on Windows

I’ve got a commercial job tomorrow with some of the windows painted (signage).
They want it to stay.
Can I clean on/around it without damaging the paint?


Should be fine, but different sign paint can be short term or long term. Also want to check if paint is old and prone to flaking off.
I have seen stuff that was short term and glass was scraped and painted every month with a new special (acrylic). As well as long term stuff that is paint in many layers (enamel based).

I have one that has been up long term, but the paint easily washes off. Its an intricate design, but fills most of the window. So we wet the bottom and carefully the sides around the design, but only polish with bronze wool above and in the lettering and design.

Thanks for the input guys.
I cleaned these windows today and had no problems.
the paint was quite thick and permanent.