The bigger we get, the more passwords we are keeping track off. What are you guys using to keep track of passwords? We currently have a notebook we write everything down but I feel there has to be a better way.

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Chech this out - Business & enterprise password management | 1Password

I’ve been using the standard version for years. It’s amazing.

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Safari uses keychain which is safe and secure and works across all your devices

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I found a really good method to have different passwords for every site or program but without forgetting them.

Pick a word with a repeating letter and then add a number that you remember. Then change the repeating letter based on the site or program that it is for.

For instance Food567 is the word and number your base password

So for window cleaning resource I might do Fwwd567 w for ‘window’ or FWCd567 wc for ‘window cleaning’

You can even pick a word with out repeating letters and change the first and last letters based on the name of the site.

For example Mouse567 for Yahoo might be Yousy567 or 'window cleaning resource would be Wousw567

It is a basic formula but actually gives you a pretty complicated password that is ‘random’ for each site.

You just have to set a basic strategy and stick to the rules. I don’t have any of my passwords written down and never have any trouble. Because I’m really only remembering one. It also avoids problems if someone steals or loses your notebook.

Hopefully that was clear explanation, and no the examples are not my actual passwords;)

Chris what has it run you per month?

A couple of years ago I bought the one time fee $50 version. Now that new team version is free while its in beta. They said in a year it might flip to $5 per month per user.

For the passed 3 years we have had an excel document with every password we have.

Main CPU has file, 2 printed versions.

One I keep at my home office (1 mile from shop)

The other in a binder.

while I know this is not the best way, it’s worked for us and been free. However, it has become an utter mess. One of the to-do list is to change every password and organize them better in our “system”.

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Similar setup here, but I use a google sheet to manage passwords for most company things.

1Password works great!

PWSafe works very well and works across all iOS apps via the cloud. It’s free in the App Store. I also have it on my PC, but it isn’t connected to the cloud. That might be possible but I haven’t taken the time to do that.

It stores all user names and passwords. You need to memorize one single password that opens up the safe. Then you simply double-click the account you are logging-in to and the password is copied to the clipboard to paste into the log-in field.

Downloaded this and trying it out. So far so good