Pay for Flier Distribution

I would like to know how much or if you all pay employees to distribute fliers. We normally hand out a few fliers when we do each job but some guys are slower than others with work. I would like to compensate them for going door 2 door and handing out fliers but I can’t seem to find a good method. The only things I have thought of 1. pay them for each flier they hand out or 2. pay a percentage of each job that books from the fliers they handed out. Just wondering what you all do. The hard part for me is driving around to check up on them or figure a way to trust they are doing it. right now I am leaning toward option 2. I just don’t want my guys to get upset or feel screwed if no one calls. I need some advice. thanks in advance

I pay my flier distributors 12 cents per flier. of course how many you can get out in an hour depends greatly on how far apart the houses are, but I average 100-120/hour. so it equals out to about $12/hour

hope this helps.

How do you know they are out passing them out? Is it a habit to check up on them just to make sure they are not home playing xbox360 and dumping the fliers in the trash? Do you give them a specific area to go to?

If you’re concerned about them (employees) just dumping the fliers let them know ahead of time you will randomly check some of the areas that are supposed to be covered. Of course they need to see you do that at least once to know you’re not bluffing.

I drive by and check to see if they are out (usually I am working near where they are putting out the fliers.) they only get paid after I verify, as I have had the problem of fliers not getting put out (well she put out about 100 from what I could tell then quit. I left her a voicemail asking about it, and she never called back, lost 400 fliers, but atleast got out 100 for free =)

I went out every saturday morning from 9 to 12 and had 3 flyer distributers distribute in my target neighborhoods. They each made $20 and between the 3 of them, they could easily do close to a thousand flyers. There is some babysitting involved though. I generally used kids (12 to 16 years old) who I knew in my neighborhood who wanted to make some quick 'n easy money. I would drive them into my target areas, point them in the right direction, and let 'em go. While they were distributing, I could take care of callbacks, customer service, or planning for the upcoming weeks.

So the total investment was $110 (including the cost of flyers). Do this every saturday and mix it in with some postcards and community newsletter advertising, and you’ll see good returns.


great idea. have you ever used like boy scout troop…fund raiser for them possible tax right off for me? also do you put fliers in paper boxes or actually on the customer’s doors?

I never used boyscouts, but you could probably get the scout leaders interested in your proposal. Good money for the scouts. I did do some fund raising at various times though. With my son in the band, one year they needed to raise some extra funds for a costly out of State trip. So in addition to them selling the usual fruit and candy bars door to door, I hired 14 of them as my flyer distributers for one solid month. I ended up investing around $1400 for their efforts, but the results were exceptional. They were a dedicated bunch of energetic kids.

I had my flyer distributers place the flyers under the doormat. Take care.


under doormats…not in the door near the handle?

I personally preferred door mats because it’s less intrusive and a bit faster. I had it placed under the mat with a portion sticking out. No worries on it blowing away and no worries on the homeowner wondering who was opening their door.


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Innovative idea, Steve. Very.