Paying people % to canvas in the begining

Hello all— I’m in the very early stage of starting up. I currently have a full time job that I’ll be keeping through the winter here. My question is, I work with a few highly motivated individuals that are always looking to earn some money. What are everyone’s thoughts around using them to go door to door with commercial places to try to get business. The conversation came up and they are willing to do it for 10% of every contract, for as long as I clean there. If inutilize them to canvas areas where I’m not, does this sound like a good idea?

10% forever seems like too much maybe 10% for the first 3 months 6 months maybe even a year that’s about it


in most (or at least many) locations in canada and the us employees must be paid at least minimum wage. so if they work a week without sales they must still be paid AT LEAST minimum wage.
you may also require direct seller or peddler licenses for your company and each individual.

in jolly old england there are people who do canvassing as their business and they get all most all of the initial sale the window cleaner makes his profit on the ongoing business.

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I agree you! 10 percent of gross for the first year… TWS

Appreciate the feedback!

When I first started washing windows in 1994, the guy who trained me would get a (one-time) 10% finders fee for throwing me work. I had a similar arrangement with a long-time colleague I trained to do residential.