Payment Form

What form of payment do you use?
I have been using cash, check, or PayPal but run into folks who drag their feet if not cash or check on the spot.

Debit/Credit card - then which service do you use and how do you like it?

I like Stripe. Low fees highly reliable. If I was mobile I think I would use square probably.

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I have not put much research in to it because I use Quickbooks I just use their GoPayment.

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Quickbooks here too, but 85% pay with check on the spot, 5% cash, 10% quickbooks.

Side note, I’ve found my commercial customers tend to pay faster if they receive the invoice with a digital pay option. :man_shrugging:t2:

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stripe via customer factor for visa mc and amex, etrans. cash/cheque only if customer has no internet.
customers love cc either by phone or diy from the invoice link.
we offer 5% discount for pre pay and about half use it.

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Most of our customers pay with check or card. I prefer card tbh. Just send the invoice, they pay and voila there’s the money a day or two later. With checks we’ve been doing mobile deposits to avoid going to the bank or using the atm.

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Almost everyone pays with check, a few with cash, and I go once a week to the bank on Friday to deposit those and write myself a check. It’s just a matter of waiting for paypal to clear for those payments.

Been using square . I like it .


Venmo. A lot of people pay me via Venmo and I like it. No transfer fee and you can deposit the money in bank anytime you want. Square is ok, don’t like the 2.75% fee, which can add up if paid this way every day. (I don’t like to add the transfer fee onto customer, so I always eat it up.)
Check or cash is fine too.

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I’ve been using the Joist app.

@Majestic66 how do you set up the clients card if they give it to you over the phone? For example, if they are not home at the time you are doing the outside of their home?

There’s a Manual entry