Pella Cost

Hey Guys, my first post. Been in Business 15+ years in the Central / mid southern Ohio area. Wondering if my prices are in line for pellas. Currently charging $ 4.00 to $ 5.00 per panel to remove wash replace. This is in addition to the window. Recently been adding a little more if there are blinds built into the pella. Some pella blinds are on the panel itself and others are on the window. Either way they increase labor for that unit. Enjoy reading for information and encouragement what others are doing to maintain and increase the professionalism of our industry. Thanks Jeff.

Just added this:

At first I thought may be Unger had got hold of it already - it was the colour of the tool in the photo?

I charge $5.50 per single storm piece or $10 for a 2 piece set. That is in addition to the regular window. I wouldn’t mind charging more.

I’m at $10 each if I have to break out the drill

Funny you should post this. Yesterday was my first time having to clean this type of window. Originally I was just hired to clean the exteriors but the customer asked if I would be able to remove the inside panels, clean both sides as well as take off the built in venetian blinds and clean behind them. I didn’t have my calculator with me and just blurted out “I’ll add $40 to the bill.” I think for the number of windows I could have made it an extra $80. I was just thrown off because 1) I had never done them before and 2) I was in a hurry.

Actually once I did one window, the rest were easy and the customer was quite impressed because her and her husband couldn’t figure out how to clean them.

Bottom line, I think anywhere from $10-15 per should be sufficient.