Pella Window Frames

I have a builder who is asking me to clean some painted pella frames that has new construction debris and hard water spots. He has mentioned something about waxing them but I have no idea about that?? HELP! Also if I was just going to wipe them down and remove the construction debris and hard water spots what would you recommend I use and technique? These frames are 4 to 5 inches wide. Not standard double hung windows.

Why do brand new windows have water spots on them? Have these windows been sitting out in his yard for months with the sprinklers hitting them? Did he install windows that are already spotted with stuff that won’t come off? It wouldn’t be the first time a builder created a problem and then handed it off to someone else.

I know that when some commercial site windows are installed, they are tested for leaks by having the window company spray them with water, resulting in hard water stains due the windows are not squeegeed clean and then left for months during the balance of construction.

What does the construction debris consist of? If there is mortar from the stonework, you’ll need a phosphoric acid solution and hogshair brush. Use the Search feature here to research.

Have you inspected the stains up close? If so, what are your impressions?

Don, Good to see you! You, your videos, and your site helped me give me the confidence to get into the biz.

Back to the question, were these water spots on the frame pretty well established? If not, a good soaking with gg4 and a microfiber scrubber might get them off. They look liked they have green paint, so a very mild abrasive might work as well( I.E. white pad, scrim).
I have never used or even heard of wax on the frames… Sounds like a clean up nightmare after a year or two.

P.s. I read Larry’s post after mine and realized I forgot about the PC debris. Hogshair and phosphoric acid are the way to go for the frames w/ stucco and concrete. I have to admit though… I hate using that method. I wish there was a better way. I usually turn down jobs when there is a lot of ANY kind of acid involved.

I’d use a white pad on one window to see how bad the hard water is. Soap up one window then scrub w/ a white pad. If that doesn’t work then you’ll know chemicals are required. I did a job recently that had some minor (3 years worth) hard water spots from weather. The white pad worked well w/ minimal effort.

In Britain, cleaning the frames is part of a window cleaners job when doing a post construction clean, might be worth checking out there forums for advice
I have read , that rubbing the frames with baby-oil after they are clean will leave a nice finish

I highly recommend using Eaco Chems “Safe ReStore” it will take minerals off the Pella painted frames and not compromise the painted surface. It is by far the best product I have ever used. check it out on all it is capable to do.

Welcome Ken! How’s tricks?

I used Krud Kutter (Crud Cutter?) from Lowes or the HD for cleaning the frames on a Toyota Dealership and it worked very very well. Used it straight out of the gallon in a spray bottle with a huck surgical towel.

Frames turned out great and the buider was happy. He wants us to now do his house. Krud kutter did the job. I seen on another site that you can get frame polish and cleaner all in one. I would like it if wcr could get it here as well. THANKS!