Pellas Galore

What do you look out for when doing 128 of these window units?
Do and Donts…

  • Designer Series® 750

  • Exclusive snap-in between-the-glass blinds and fabric shades

Then additional 42 have

  • Removable Between-the-Glass Wood Grilles

Not looking for price, looking for “Oh dang I shouldn’t have done that” and the “wow that made this a little more efficient”


I look for money, cause these things take longer and more hassle than the ones that came apart all the way

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“Does” or “dont” from your experience?

3rd home from/for the client.
We have taken that into consideration and customer has no issue
with it.

Be careful that you don’t allow the insert to become unhinged when you open it enough to clean. I find them to be a huge pain to put back together completely after it’s come apart. Let the string do its job of keeping the window from coming apart.

Thanks Tony!

If they do come completely apart any tricks that you have picked up along the way to fix them?

Let them dry before reinstallation, maybe have an eisle set up to clean the removable glass with a drop cloth/troth to catch the runoff. Think: indoor storm station.

Only things I have to add.

Thanks! Already have it and it’s got some really good work outs lately :wink:

Here you go

Best tip: get a paint can opener to save your fingernails and a couple cans of spray away.


Sorry, but I can’t think of any. It mainly seems to happen on smaller windows. If one comes apart, take your time to notice how it goes together.

Never leave home with out it.

Thanks for the link @JaredAI lots a good little tips!


  • Rubber gloves for reinstalling the grilles/muntins. I’ve found some of those designer series muntins to be impossible to reinstall without getting my hands all over the clean glass.

  • Leave the windows open for a while after cleaning. Even with sprayway, I’ve found it helpful to let everything dry out thoroughly.

  • If the glass has a ‘hard coat’ low-e coating, sometimes it’s best to just do straight pulls. The glass has so much drag to it that the squeegee just doesn’t want to turn.

If you are taking the blinds out, don’t count on the little pull loop (which I think is labeled “B”) on the blind’s frame to actually be secure enough to pull on. I raise the blinds and then pull the bottom of the frame with my thumb and the loop with finger, so that all the force isn’t on the loop.

Also, when you put the blinds back in, the tab (I think it’s labelled “A”) that slides into the hole in the window frame opening (Which turns the mechanism to raise and lower the blind) sometimes doesnt seem to line back up properly with the hole. As you push the tab back into the hole, you may need to raise/lower the lever for the blinds. That will turn the hole so it lines back up with the tab.

And I find it easier to clean the exposed side last, so that I can push it back shut without worrying about getting finger prints on it.

I hope it’s hot where you’re working and you get to enjoy a LONG time in the A/C working on these :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the tips Alex.

I probably would not have thought about that until after the first one was complete, then i would be “really”…lol

Thanks for the information!

Suppose to be mid 90’s next week.

Great tip![quote=“TJGibson8, post:14, topic:37510”]
I hope it’s hot where you’re working and you get to enjoy a LONG time in the A/C working on these :slight_smile:

I figure to be indoors there a while…lol. I’m not In a hurry!