Pencil Jets or Fan Jets if you had to choose

If you had to choose between one for residential, which would you go with?

Fan Jets. Makes for quicker rinsing and less splashing. You also use less water which saves on filters & resin.

Some guys drill 2 more holes in their brush and set up both types of jets.

I have a vikan brush with fan jets and a hogs hair with pencil jets. I prefer the hogs hair brush (RHG) for better scrubbing but like the fan jets better for rinsing. It is my understanding that I can’t put fan jets on my hogs hair brush.

I’d have thought fan jets would use more water :confused:

Thats personal experience… It just doesn’t seem to spray out as much water. I haven’t went through my resin as fast as when I used the pencil jets. There are other factors involved with that, like TDS, but I am using my wfp everyday in pretty much the same areas. May just be because I’m able to rinse windows faster. Hmmm, May have to test both to actually see. Has anyone already experimented on this?

Fan jets require more pressure and more water to accomplish the same task as a pencil jet with the same diameter water holes.

I can shut my pure water valve to about 60% using the fan jets over the pencils.

Fan Jets use more water.

How do you guys rinse the top of residential windows with fan jets?

I always seem to have spotting issues at the top of the glass because the fan jets are splashing the water above the window frame.

I now set up my brushes with 4 pencil jets, seems to get a better rinse.

Actually I have found that the fans may use more water per minute, but I can create more downward momentum and a uniform rinse with fan jets, therefore rinse considerably faster and with more reliable results. I would say that in the end I use less water to accomplish the same task, virtually never get spotting, and personally don’t see any need for double jetting brushes anymore because fans are the ticket for me.

As far as hog’s hair… I got out a pair of my wife’s nicest sewing scissors (Gingher) probably ruined them, but remodeled my hogs hair to work and-- I am compelled to say that there isn’t a better WFP brush out there. Hog’s hair with functional fan jets. VERY nice.

As far as top edges, Doug: If you almost think of the jets as a squeegee blade, you want to run the blade slowly across the top where the glass and the frame meet and really let the water build up and start getting some downward momentum. Then go scrub the rest of the window while gravity works and for your final rinse you shouldn’t have to come within more than a couple inches from the top pulling downward in straight downward pulls (as if with a squeegee) and confidently move on. Just my experience, but I don’t see why it wouldn’t work for anyone else…

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Thanks Curt I’ll be giving my hog’s hair brush a hair cut real soon.

I wanted to bump this thread to see if everyone still feels the same way about fan vs pencil tips

I think it could depend on water pressure too, but I’ve always had more issues with drips and spotting with fan jets too, even though I’d prefer to use them since they do rinse the window faster as Curt had said. Even when I rinse the top of the window with the brush on the glass and get no drips from the top of the frame I’ll end up sometimes getting a drip come in from the side of the frame from overspraying the edge of the frame with fan jets. I’ve been using pencil jets exclusively now for the last 1-2 years. They seem to work better for me, but still feel like a pain when cleaning overly hydrophobic glass.

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I have both jets in a hogs hair brush and a nylon double trim brush. I like that setup a lot because I can easily switch back and forth as needed or both if I want to. The advantages are real:
I prefer pencil jets for most cleaning however, I would much rather take a second to switch to fan jets if there are more than a couple of hydrophobic windows. Also, I prefer to clean screen doors using the fan jets rather than pencil. Pencil jets just push the water right through whilst the fans actually rinse the screen really good! As regards screen door an most everything else: hogs hair by far cleans better.

Basic recap: I say, use both!

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if your using both, what is the set-up on the brush? Fan tips on the inside or outside and why?