Perforated vinyl on windows

What is your cleaning method?

We mop,squeegeee, and then towel squeegee - takes lots of towels.

Currently have a customer that from the inside looks horrible. Thinking about trying a car washing brush to get into the bottom of the divots, where the dirty glass lies.

What say you?

I have one shop I do with that - did it yesterday actually. That is the same method I use. Liberal soaking with the scrubber, squeegee off the initial amount, then use several of the blue towels flipping to the dry side every so often (folded in quarters) to clean up any excess. I haven’t had it look horrible from the inside yet.

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That method has worked ok for me as well. Thought about rinsing with WFP but it’s to involved. They don’t want to pay extra.

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I thought about bringing a couple gallons of WFP filtered water and using it to sort of traditional clean to see if I could just let it dry spot free. I may experiment with that next time.

I use to rinse down shower walls after scrubbing them with soap and a sponge. Back in the day when we did house cleaning. I used a gallon of tap water. I bet a gallon of di water applied with an inexpensive garden sprayer would work well but it’s not simple. It’s an extra step with extra gear. PITA

I flip a scrim towel over my 6” Ettore super system squeegee and buff away. More than three layers thick. On a pole in my hand. Whatever. Bada bing bada boom. Simple. Nothing new.

I use the unger pad from home depot and have for years for detailing sign and the full/half window clings after I squeegee. I feel that it works really good, though I will say the changed how the pad was made so now it doesn’t glide well at all. I will be ordering the pro grade of the unger pads on my next order, though if you try this out make sure to get the one that glides easily. I like this method so much better than a towel and it leaves alot less lint.

For me I prefer a scrim towel flipped a few times over a squeegee on a pole to an Unger pad holder with pads.


Scrim is awesome! It leaves a lot of lint on some windows for me though and I havent been always able remove the residue as fast as a pad. I do use scrim as my detail cloth and have for awhile. (I would say a long time, but I have only been cleaning windows for a bit over 3 years.) It also seems to depend on what is on the surface of the glass. Some glass it works awesome for me!

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I just used my WFP on account with 4 windows that have the perforated signs.
( they were extremely dirty too ). To me that’s he best way to go. I have another account with 2 windows with perforated windows. I just do it with a strip washer and squeegee. No complaints !!

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