Pesticide residue removal off glass

Hi. Anyone have any suggestions for removing pesticide residue off glass?

What process will you be using Traditional or WFP?

This information will be helpful for forum members to give you some advice.

The first attempt was with a wfp then it took a lot of scrubbing with the microfiber tbar. Looking for a faster way to remove it.

Yah I came across this once while the pest control people were still on the job site. They said to use a rag and rub it off… It would have taken way to long to do it that way. Ask others, but I think I remember using the Sorbo white powder on a doodle bug (still a long time to remove it) and I believed it worked. I’m sorry you have to deal with it. that residue isn’t fun at all to have to deal with.

Goof Off with hog hair brush and WFP Bar keepers will help too.

Soapy water and steel wool for the tough spots

Thanks guys. Would you all consider this to be an Xtra service?

No. Its not that hard to get off

I am wondering if alkaline water and a scrub bar with a very fine plastic abrasive like my Chew 1 or Chew 2 would do a quick job? You can go up to a pH of 12 if you need to although most machines produce a pH of 9.5.