Phil and Matt?

Anyone heard from Sanchez and Uncle Phil? Haven’t heard anything out of them for a while now.
Where are you guys???:confused:

I don’t know about Phil, but I know that Matt is doing alright.

On NWCD Phil said he doesn’t post here anymore. He didn’t state why. :confused:

Do you know where on that site he posted that? I can’t it.

Posted: Fri Feb 06, 2009 4:42 am

I think I ticked Phil off…

I do that about once a year :smiley:

I hope he comes back. It isn’t the same w/out Phil and Larry giving me grief (I mean in a good way). I’m afraid I might loose my edge.:wink:

I don’t think Chris and Alex stock the Sörbo Docket yet.

Talked to Phil on the phone a couple of days ago, he’s doing good. Not sure why he hasn’t posted here any more, I actually haven’t either. I have been on a different forum alot that has nothing to do with wc.


Ah, friendly banter between mistersqueegee and llackzo…