Phobic Soap

So one of the problems using products like Enduroshield, Aquapel, NG1010, Invisible Shield, and a host of others is that they are hydrophobic and our squeegees chatter when we try to clean them. Hey our squeegees will chatter on glass that is already hydrophobic brand new out of the box! So what do we do? I am NOT going to tell you about an idea I have. Rather I have located a product that I am using for this type of glass. It is a soap that will sheet over the most hydrophobic surface you can find and allows me to move with absolute ease. NO open spots of dry glass. It totally sheets. I just can’t tell you what it is because I have learned way too many times that no one cares. Also when I put that kind of information out there manufacturers become indifferent.
Simply because they need to own this information. Secrets make money. Further these are the people that I NEED to work with. In order to benefit our entire industry. It is just the way things work. You don’t want to buy a 55 gallon drum just to have a quart of something. And no one wants to mix things when on the job. Well no one but just a few of us.


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Caring enough is tough
When one stands off from the love
And sees through the glass cage
Those who are more or less
Sage. Because they are wise

In life to steer clear of that which
Makes tears. So, with years of them
Rolling down cheeks that just seek
Tender kisses of friends
To be made to no end,

You and I will one day with
Purpose for real clean the whole planet
With sheaves on our shoulders from
Yesteryears’ sowing,
By Hope materialized more than soap
That gets in the eyes,
Knowing that with hands tied one can care deeper than absence lends to it showing. So

We wait patiently for that time - plow in your hand,
Prunings in mine,
Anything worth caring for rests soon down
That line,
So whether phobic or phylic

The glass cage boasts itself
Something that neither can live in, though one serves sentence within it, the time served need not be
infinite, release could be imminent,
So when that time comes we will
With real meaning and purpose be
Attached to things more idyllic; More so a promise than anything


We need something like this for wfp work. If we could add just a little bit of something to a tank of 0 TDS water to make it sheet and still get complete spot free rinse then it would eliminate the need for spray bar and make hydrophobic glass easy to clean.

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I nominate for Post of the Year :sunglasses:

You are wise to secure your knowledge. No need to give away your hard earned info.

Thanks Malcolm. I am making this change so that I might entice some manufacturers into using this technology to create or even improve certain products. I know for a fact that must f them will ignore some of the newer more effective and greener chemicals in favor of older ones. I know there are many window cleaners that would spend another buck or two on a better product. Myself included.


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