Phone Book Ad What do you think?

Hi Everyone
This is our new phone book ad. I am looking for some feed back before we run with it.

All comments welcome.

Well, there is an offer…

Why is power washing as much of the ad as window cleaning? If I am in that section, what am I looking for? Put the power washing as a stand alone ad in “power washing” Now you have more room to convince people to call.

I like the offer

I’ll let Kevin handle this one…

They don’t know they’re looking for it. That’s the up-sell. Like when you get someone to agree to a cleaning and you say “while we’re here cleaning your windows, we can take care of your gutters for only $250!”

I like the ad.

Same deal, guys.

Read the review of the yellow pages ad.

This ad above can be [B]improved 1000%[/B] with wholesale changes, similar to the review of the other ad for Sparkling.

Same principles.

[B]Brennon[/B]: That’s a very good observation with the upsell (actually, its a [I]cross[/I]-sell, since its a different product/service).

One small condition: Cross-sells and up-sells are most effective once the client has [B]committed to the initial purchase.[/B] Until then they are sales pressure only, and unwelcome to the consumer, traditionally speaking.

That’s part of the trick with their effectiveness.

No that is not an upsell. Nobody has sold anything to upsell. It is a distraction.

This is an ad for window cleaning. It must first be effective as that The upsells are up to the sales people.

The ad needs changing, like it or not. As it sits right now it relies exclusively on price point. No other reason I should call?

see Kevin’s comments on the other YP ad…

point taken

paneless and CFP make some great points, but if you still decide to run with the add, I see some irregularities between WC’ing and PW’ing:
Price formatting (I realize some believe there is a phsychological thing about ending in a 9, etc.)
Mention of tax (do you require on the PW’ing side as well?)

good eye…

What if you remove the “storms not included” as you’ve already stated that the price is for “20 Standard 2 Pane Windows”. Do you run into enough that it would raise their cost significantly? You don’t want your ad to have anything that can be construed as a negative.

What would you charge for 20 screens? Maybe you could add (an $80 value) next to the screen cleaning portion. This would add monetary value to the offer.

Amazingly enough that storm thing is a huge issue around here and the price is significantly hire. You are right I did want to include a value for the screen cleanning it was all just looking so cluttered and I can’t fit it on one line.
Any suggestions?

I understand what you’re talking about. With having a small ad it can get cluttered quite quickly.

What about using an *Astrix next to the $199.95 and put the disclaimer at the bottom, so it’s not front and center, move the “Call Today” up to where the disclaimer was and then you can fit the
[SIZE=“5”]“Free Screen Cleaning - an $80 value” [/SIZE]
on its own line

They don’t have to call today to receive the free screen cleaning. They can call any day to get it, so it’s not important that those two thoughts be side by side.