Picking up the squeegee again

So I made a new years resolution this year to go out and work with the guys 1 day a week. Its been about 3 and half maybe 4 years sense I have been out on a job site slinging a squeegee. I’m doing this partially for exercise but mainly because I think I have lost touch a bit with what actually goes on out there in the field. I’m going to do a small commercial route tomorrow to ease myself into it. Wish me luck!

wish you luck? haven’t you had enough? lol

It is smart of you to stay connected to both your employees and your customers.

Very outstanding! Your employees will gain a new sort of respect for you.

I had a great time going out yesterday. I am a little sore this morning though. I will defiantly be making it a regular thing. It was so nice being out in the fresh air and not locked up in the office.

Funny how the only difference between work and play is DESIRE and power to CHOOSE, isn’t it.

When I do a job now and again, I also really enjoy it. Weird. I always enjoyed window cleaning, obviously, but I hated “having” to go out to do a job.

Now, when I “choose” to go out, it’s fun! I know exactly what you mean…

And for that soreness thing, maybe you should be hitting the gym a little more!