Pics of your truck set up

Hey guys got any pics of your trucks and set up

Not a very good pic but it’s a pic. Shows the mixed bead tank attached to my ladder rack. We pressure washed and did window cleaning on this house.

I tried taking a little video for you… But the trucks are so filled with snow you cant see anything… We have a pretty basic setup… 24’ 32’ extension ladder 6’ 12’ stepladder. Little wood box in the back to hold a bin of huck towels / 5 gallon splackle bucket and a rectangle bucket.

Thanks Chris and Dwight! We got nothing here at the Jersey Shore (snow that is)

I think I’ve posted these before, but here they are again.

My window bucket is inside the house so it wouldn’t freeze. I put those hose clamps on the load bar the other day because I was getting annoyed with the poles sliding around in the bed of the truck. The clamps keep them right there where they’re easy to grab.

Here is a few pics of mine, just took the pics today. notice how sunny and warm it looks.

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

5 more

5 more pictures

The last 2

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// Star Trailer Tour - YouTube

A little long-winded, but I’ve worked a while to get it to where I want it…

Nice Curt! Do you have a link for the DE?

Well, you can learn more about it here:

but to be honest I got it in the pool section of Home Depot. You should be able to find it at any pool supply store… but back to rigs :wink:

Curt Great video!!

Amazing set-up Curt & great viewing.

Way to go Curt !

And Doug, I really like the way you maximize your bed space, and the tank holder looks awesome.

Keep them coming, this thread is a little show off and a source of inspiration.

nice video Curt.

heres my little rig, basic setup but gets the job done. I definitely need some hose reels like Doug.

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I really like your rig too.

I was hoping to see Karlos’ rig, to see what’s going on over the pond.


If WCR ran a contest for best truck set up, I think Star Brite would be in the running for #1. Awesome rig!