Pictures of our Awning Cleaning job this morning

Just wanted to share some awning cleaning pictures from this morning. We performed a deep cleaning and sealing. The deep clean got rid of the dirt and mildew, and brought back a little bit of the color, although it was kind of dull. After we put on the sealant they looked great!

Ryan Johnson
Heart of Texas Window Cleaning

Thanks for sharing the pictures they look fantastic afterwards.

Job well done! Thanks for the pics! keep them coming

Looks warm in TX. What chemical did you use? Have you tried cleaning awnings with wfp using backpack with cleaner?


It started out around 37 degrees, warmed up real nice by 8am though. Gotta love Texas!

I used the Winsol Deep clean and Extra Shine. It would have been nice to use a one step cleaner/sealer but the awnings had quite a few years of dirt buildup, mildew and other nasty stains. Using 2 products cost a little more time and money but the results were worth it.

I have one backpack (just came in yesterday) and tried it out on the first awning. We found it was quicker for us to just hose rinse. We’ll definitely use the wfp for the routine cleanings.

edit – just re-read your quick about the back pack. I didn’t even think about mixing the cleaner in the backpack. I’ll try that out on my next solo job. I had 2 other people working with me so we just used buckets.

What applicator do you use? Thanks for the inspiration.

wow man those turned out great. good job.

For monthly/quarterly follow-up cleanings we just use the same kind of mop you use for window cleaning. If they are really dirty, or if we are cleaning a woven canvas type awning than nothing beats a soft bristle brush.

Its also very helpful to add some kind of elbow joint so you can get the right angle on the brush.