Pimp my Qoute Form

Since Iv’e decide to get into awning cleaning, I started thinking of good ways to approach businesses with a quote. I have been fooling around this afternoon creating this document to give to a potential customer. I’m still figuring out how to ‘do stuff’ in creating and modifying but for the most part, I think I have the hang of the general tools I need to make it look nice.

Please give me pointers, criticism, compliments, suggestions. etc on the Content, Layout and Appearance of my form. Thanks a Bunch:D

A few qualms I have so far is the appearance and placement of the ‘Call or email’ line and maybe my contact info. Other than that, I’m thinking that the ‘did you know’ section is to large and that I should include more content (but Im not sure what yet).

My initial response is that it really pops! Looks great. I’d change “loose” to “lose” in the bubble. I’d also mention that maybe you have too many capitalized words that aren’t really titles. You are going to come across very professional with an estimate like that. Do you try to put something like this together for any bid over “x” amount? Is it a template that you can customize in a couple minutes?

It’s crazy, to me, that you posted this. I have been trying to get the Panera Breads store, that I clean the windows on, to let me clean their vinyl awings just like the ones in your picture. So far, all I have gotten is the same old “We can’t spend any more unnecessary money right now” crap. Please let me know if you give this to them and how they responded to it.

I have an awning tips form in the bus’ downloads. Ask Chris or Alex to upload this in there - and you get to see it. Although it looks great as an AD, I’m not sure this would be good for a quote.

I think your margins need to be at least 1/4 inch. Mine are more like 1/2 inch. If you get to close to the edges, it starts to look homemade.

Good start.

Thanks!:o I could use it as a template - then most of the work would be in putting the images together. I think it could take less then 10 minutes (possibly 5 minutes) to create one for another business (once I have the photos) now that I know how to do it. This is actually my first attempt at anything like this so I don’t know if I would use it every time.

I dont expect them to have them cleaned but the General Manager asked me to give him a quote for how much it would cost. I used to work there so I know a lot of the people there. At the very least, he will give me some feedback.

Thanks for the feedback. I DLed that document and put it in my awning cleaning notes.

The margins are actually about a 1/4 inch. I cropped the image for maximum viewing area.

Once cool thing about this doc is all you need is free software to do it and it looks really nice! I was pleased with how the texture blend (or what ever you call it) on the borders of the pictures turned out.

I agree that it comes across great as an AD with listing all the benefits of awning cleaning, for that reason I’d keep it and use it as marketing material. Hand that out to every business you see with an awning along with a business card and I’m sure you’ll gain some interest in your awning cleaning service.

As far as turning it into a quote form, I’d keep it simple. I’d place your company header at the top and below that an area for who the quote is for. Make a few columns with headers such as service frequencies, price per service and monthly/annual totals. It is nice to personalize these with pictures aimed at exactly who the quote is being provided to so long as it doesn’t become to time consuming or expensive. And most customers would appreciate something like that. It shows that you are really thinking of them as an individual and not just another account.